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AT FSL Associates, Inc. our goal is to solve your environmental, civil and forensic engineering problems and assist with our clients' construction needs. We combine technical expertise, industry experience and cost effective methods to ensure your project will be completed on time and on budget.


FSL Associates, Inc. (FSL) is a fully-licensed and insured engineering firm that provides environmental, civil and forensic engineering as well as construction services to a wide range of residential and commercial real estate developers. Public awareness of the dangers of hazardous materials such as contaminated soil or groundwater has created Federal, State and Local regulatory requirements. A major challenge to land development professionals in Massachusetts is the Massachusetts Contingency Plan or MCP, which is a set of regulations created by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection under MGL 21E to outline the proper series of actions to protect the environment and the public. The MCP is a complex document and often times, it is open to varied interpretation. FSL’s ability to interpret the MCP correctly means that the site can be “closed out” or made safe quickly for development without excessive cost to the owner.

FSL’s environmental engineers are some of the most experienced in the industry at interpreting the MCP or other applicable environmental regulations. They use the latest technology and work closely with the client to inspect, analyze and manage a site which is contaminated or suspected of being contaminated. The end result is a site brought efficiently into compliance at reasonable cost to the client.

FSL uses a Geoproble® drill rig which is used to secure test borings or install groundwater monitoring wells. This device is a cost effective, maneuverable means to assess the quality of subsurface conditions. Our engineers also utilize cutting edge technologies such as ground penetrating radar, hand-held x-ray fluorescence analysis, in-house or on-site petroleum testing, and gas chromatography. 

We also provide civil engineering and construction services including site design and layout, site assessment and management, masonry restoration, septic system design and rehabilitation, building demolition and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).



FSL Associates, Inc. was established in 1983 as a consulting engineering company involved in high-tech electronic communications and real estate development.In 1998, with the defense industry shrinking, the firm changed its focus from electronics to environmental engineering.

The firm took the same high-tech logic developed from its defense industry experience and applied it to the environmental engineering business. The experience gained from the real estate industry indicated a consulting firm specializing in real estate-related environmental problems would relieve the pressures of governmental regulations from property owners, responsible parties and lenders at the lowest possible cost.

Subsequently, the company has realized solid and steady growth since moving into the environmental engineering field and has successfully completed environmental engineering projects in New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Utah and Georgia.

FSL’s success in the environmental engineering industry has resulted in the development of three additional divisions including civil engineering, construction services and forensic engineering.