Environmental Engineering

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, in compliance with MGL 21E, MCP, and all applicable local regulations.

  • Subsurface investigations
  • Contaminated site remediation
  • Analytical services, on-site or in-house
  • Mold Assessment and Remediation
  • Comprehensive Risk Characterizations
  • Hazardous material assessment, management, and abatement, including:
    • Lead-based paint
    • Asbestos
    • Radon
    • PCBs
    • Ballasts
    • Waste oil

Civil Engineering & Construction Service

  • Site design and layout
  • Site assessment and management
  • Permitting
  • Surveys
  • Preliminary geotechnical investigations (Standard Penetration Testing)
  • Sieve analyses
  • Masonry restoration
  • Title 5 septic system inspection, rehabilitation, and design
  • Building demolition
  • Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Building assessments

Forensic Engineering

FSL examines issues relating to insurance claims and helps providers mitigate losses. FSL offers a wide range of forensic services, including cause and origin, scope and damage, and subrogation claims.

The latest technology

With roots in the high-tech electronic defense industry, FSL uses cutting-edge equipment that provides fast, accurate answers:

  • Ground-penetrating radar
  • On-site or in-house petroleum testing
  • Photoionization Detector

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What our customers say

Frederick Starikov, President, City Real Estate Development Corp., Brookline, MA 02445

We have been using FSL Associates, Inc. for a few years now and are pleased with their service each time. The staff are very professional and responsive – they make the whole process easy for us. They are always open to speaking with the lender at our request for clarification when/if needed. Most importantly, they are very good about updating us on the job status from start to finish and their delivery time for reports are also reasonable. We rely on them for all of our environmental assessments / remediation needs and consultation. They are the best around – use their service and find out for yourself.